Those who know me are aware of my strong support for the campaign to give the European Parliament one seat (in Brussels). – At least it should have the freedom to decide on its own organisation – and also its seat – by itself. As it currently stands that decision is in the hands of the Council, and actually fixed in the EU Treaties.

Greens-EFA Group logoToday I came across a very nice amendment of the Green Group in the European Parliament. In light of next week’s discharge report they are suggesting to move the budget for the Strasbourg seat into the Council budget because it is them in the end deciding on the seat in the current arrangement. Let us see how many MEPs of the big groups will give in to convenience again next week…


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  1. Jeremy Hargreaves on April 18, 2007 22:46

    It’s a good idea, but surely it won’t change the Treaty requirement relating to Strasbourg?

    But if it’s another way to put pressure on, obviously that’s good.

  2. Emmanuel Vallens on April 21, 2007 15:38

    Well, surely France and the local authorities should pay for the improved airway connections, for new buildings, for an appropriate hotel and private housing offer, and for more international schools.
    The EU, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and France should pay for the high-speed train track between Brussels and Strasbourg.
    And finally the EU should scrap the Brussels and Luxembourg buildings (rent them or sell them: the EP would make an awfull lot of money out of them)

  3. Tomáš Ruta on April 23, 2007 17:05

    I agree with Jan. If I were French I would rather contemplate why the decent candidates in the presidential election only gathered 48% votes together:)

    Wrote an article on the Strasbourg seat a while ago –

  4. Jan Seifert on April 24, 2007 15:58

    Last update:
    The amendment has not been carried by the EP today. But it is necessary to keep the debate on the table and hopefully have it as an item at the upcoming IGC.
    And Manu, I agree wiht most of your points except for that the Parliament should obviously be fully based in Brussels and not in Strasbourg :) – When you will have moved from Strasbourg to Brussels, you might find Strasbourg quite far away from the day-to-day EU life 😉

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