IGC road map

June 26, 2007 | 1 Comment

Next steps:

EP votes its opinion on the opening of the IGC in July (10-12)
Commission presents its opinion probably 10 July
Formal opening of negotiations around 23 July
Finalising debate with European Summit 18/19 October 2007

Ratification until summer 2008 (Ireland already indicate that it would hold its referendum in spring 2008)

I hope that at least ratification will be synchronised within early 2008, so that there is some momentum of a European debate in particular in view of the referendums which will take place anyways.


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  1. Dominik on June 27, 2007 15:34

    I think the German presidency was a good step towards the future. Even though one cannot be completely satisfied with the outcomes, it has to be made sure, that the path is continued. A good assessment of Germany’s presidency can be found here:

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